As a fast-growing company, we are constantly looking for new talents who will help us to progress further and bring value to local communities. We have already created 36,000 jobs for people of different backgrounds but with a common desire to serve customers to the highest standard. We strive to provide everyone with a fair salary, reasonable work schedule and equal opportunities within the corporate structure. Regardless of your position, the company provides chances for continuous occupational training, a large degree of independence and responsibility, the opportunity to work with highly qualified and like-minded people, and attractive corporate benefits and social package. By choosing to work with us, you open the door to stability and confidence in the future.

To join the team, please have a look at our current vacancies or submit an open application. For more information regarding a career at Euroopt, please call:

+375 17 279-80-80

+375 29 3-426-426

+375 29 3-426-426