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Cakes to order

Euroopt is pleased to offer You custom-made cakes and pastries which can be considered as a culinary triumph able to satisfy the most demanding taste, decorate the most beautiful table and become the apogee of Your celebration.

Cakes to order - is not only the best gift for friends, but always an unusual interesting and tasty surprise. We are always having a wide and diverse range of cakes to order. These are wedding cakes, wedding loaves, children and anniversary cakes.



Through the implementing of cake orders you are getting the opportunity to choose any cake you like or, in accordance with Your desire, our managers will work out a completely new design to suit Your tastes and preferences. The professional bakers will realize your sweet idea by creating a cake of your dreams, not just beautiful and delicious, but also made with the help of the modern technologies that meet the latest European standards. The abundance of fruits and berries, whipped cream, soufflés and oily creams, meringues add cakes and pastries delicious taste and bright colors. That is why our cakes are the real works of culinary art that will, by right, take a place of honor on Your holiday table.

Cakes to order is a festive wonder that we make by hand taking into account any desires of a customer in both form and decoration, as well as in its content and at a reasonable price.

Cakes to order is the best gift for your relatives and loved ones, friends or bosses. Our custom-made cakes will be a reflection of Your personality, will make any event memorable and give you many pleasant moments. Order your festive cake from us, and we guarantee that it will be the culmination of the celebration, will bring joy to loved ones, will become a unique surprise and will amaze you with its delicious taste.