New “Evroopt” hypermarket has opened today in Grodno.

Today there has been an opening of a new “Evroopt” hypermarket in the “OldCity” shopping center, which is located at 17, Dubko Street, in Grodno.

According to the CEO of “Evroopt” retail chain, the new hypermarket is unusual to a largely extent. It is a significant retail facility for the chain. There is a new logo on the front of the building. Now it is in Latin characters.

“The innovations, which are applied here, will be the starting point for significant improvements in the formats of the hypermarkets, which our retail chain begins. The hypermarket has a series of new solutions in colour scheme, navigation as well as in the range of offered goods. The selection of goods will meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including the most exacting ones” – the CEO said.

Filipp Artemenko also noted that the hypermarket remains the main advantage of “Evroopt” retail chain – the prices, reasonable to customers with different affluence.

“It is important that every customer will be able to buy necessary goods at reasonable prices. In the economic crisis, saving is not only the necessity. It is also a new trend” – he said.

The new hypermarket has the area of 3882 m2, 18 cash desks and a parking structure for 1300 vehicles. The hypermarket is open from 9 am till 11 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays till 1 am. Like in other retail facilities of the chain, there is the “E-plus” loyalty program, “Red price” popular promo and, of course, the customers are able to take part in the promo game of “Try your luck”.

“We’d like to believe that the experienced buyers of Grodno will highly appreciate the standard of our new hypermarket.” – F.Artemenko said.

The head of the Company is convinced that they will be able to offer everything the customers need: the changes in the interior of the display area and some other things will allow succeeding. 

The solemn ceremony of the opening of the new hypermarket turned to be a real event for the citizens. The customers of the hypermarket enjoyed the concert with the participation of “Leprikonsy”, Alexander Solodukha, Anna Shalyutina, “Yo-gurt”, etc. There were organized competitions with the prizes from “Evroopt” retail chain. There also was a sampling by taste of the owned production as well as of other Belarusian manufacturers.

This is the 439th retail facility of “Evroopt” in the Republic, the 23d in Grodno and the 54th in Grodno region.

“The main aim and concern of our company is to provide Belarusian customers with affordable, modern and high-quality shopping service of truly European level. Henceforth we are ready to use all opportunities to make the benefits of the retail facilities of “Evroopt” even closer to Belarusian customers” – underlined the CEO. 

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Today there has been an opening of a new “Evroopt” hypermarket in the “OldCity” shopping center, which is located at 17, Dubko Street, in Grodno. According to the CEO of “Evroopt” retail chain, the new hypermarket is unusual to a largely extent. It is...
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