Opening of the 450th “Euroopt” store designated entrance in premium segment of retail market. Today new hypermarket "Еuroopt super" started work in the center of Minsk (Pobediteley ave. 9) - Galleria Minsk mall. It’s the 38th Euroopt’s hypermarket in Belarus and the 9th in Minsk.

"Еuroopt super" is the unique store. New trade technologies and the best technical equipment have been applied in the 5k sq. m. total area which 2560 sk. m. is the modern and spacious sales area. Furthermore, new merchandising creative ideas ware implemented in new hypermarket. Stuff can service the customers in 3 languages – Russian, Belarussian and English!

The main idea of new store of “Euroopt” retail network –premium hypermarket with premium goods and service, but with the habitual and affordable prices for “Euroopt” customers 

The range of goods, which was proposed in new hypermarket can satisfy the demand of the wide range of customers include customers with the heaviest demand. More than 15k SKU are offered in store shelfs. Different meat, fresh area, fish and seafood, the huge range of cooking dishes and fresh bakery. Suffice it to say – you will not go away without any purchases from this store!


Looking for kumquat, prawns or ham? Please, we have it! And basic goods also sell near with premium. Due to this every customer can find here item corresponding to his wishes and possibilities can find the here. Wherein new hypermarket save the main advantage of “Euroopt” retail network – affordable prices for customers on extended  range of products.

By the way, as in other retail companies stores,  in “Euroopt Super” from the first day of opening loyalty program “E-Plus”,  popular campaign “Red price” and possibility to take part in became national lottery “Luck into the bargain!” are held.   Who knows, maybe, two-bedroom "apartment of luck" which "Euroopt" played on  31 of December will win one of “Euroopt super” customers ?

Another "feature" of the hypermarket that "food court" located in trade area. A great self-service restaurant, which offered a wide variety of dishes: salads, soups, hot dishes, tea and coffee, a variety of desserts. So, sitting in a comfortable chair, you can easy take the meal, and then go shopping. It should be said that, this idea has been realized for the first time in Belarus! Something like for that our neighbors Lithuanians tried to realize in the famous "Acropolis", but the Belarusian version looks more interesting and comfortable for customers.

And shopping trolley in "Euroopt super" extraordinary too! 120-liter basket of ecologically pure plastic attached to light and durable metal platform with soft wheels. Each trolley has a specially equipped place for children. 

Стоит ли говорить, что витрины, стеллажи, холодильное и другое технологическое оборудование в торговом зале - это последние разработки самых известных мировых производителей, таких как Rational (Германия), КТ (Финляндия), Sveba Dahlen (Швеция), Fri Jado (Нидерланды)? Что наглядная навигация в торговом зале четкая и понятная и не заставит часами кружить среди полок в поисках нужного товара?

A high-class customer service was implemented in hypermarket. Due to this, requirements to stuff are hight. Best of the best employees from Eurotorg, which have the required education and work experience, professional competence and personal qualities, were selected to this hypermarket. In general, the shop will employ 305 people.

Staff also held additional training in English and Belarusian languages, case hypermarket "Euroopt super" is located in the center of Minsk and will a point of attraction for many tourists certainly. By the way, the navigation in shop is multilingual!

Products are selected and can only pay for your purchases! And at this stage of shopping it was provide an additional level of service for customers. 22 cash desk, which guarantees the absence of crowds, are equipped in trade area. A spacious five-level parking of "Galleria Minsk" mall will eliminate the hassle of parking at the time of your purchase. Hypermarket "Euroopt super" schedule is also very convenient: from 9.00 to 23.00.

In short, "Euroopt super" is ready to offer its customers a real European level of shopping!

New shop, will make a significant contribution to strengthening of the positive image of Minsk and Belarus, no doubt. The level of service and trade technology will become an example not only to other "Euroopt" shops, but also for Belarusian trade in general.

“We have always emphasized that our customers are worth the very best examples of modern commerce.  "Euroopt super" - is the quintessence of the world experience. The best examples of the best trade practices, which were implemented there – notices the CEO of “Euroopt” trade, network Philip Artemenko, which was taking a part in opening ceremony. We believe that the prestige of the country and capital is supported in the eyes of our guest also and the stores like hypermarket "Еuroopt super" in "Galleria Minsk" mall. And for our stores, this hypermarket will become an example of the quality of trade organization, which should be strived in the future”

"Euroopt" trading network is always working that the modern shopping service and a wide range of quality goods be available to Belarusians in all regions of the country. And no matter how stressful was the passing year the economically, the network has continued to evolve and develop. For the year there were opened 24 new stores in the country, and today in all parts of Belarus are working 450 stores. "Euroopt" – is multi-format network, which means that in different regions of the country the most modern hypermarkets and small convenience stores are opened.

Trade network still considers that the development of the province in priority. "Euroopt" committed to providing high-quality shopping services in small towns and rural areas in the regions. The network is not waiting for bright economic conditions it’s work today. Where standard shop, cannot be  open for different reasons, shopping services is provided by mobile booths. Today, 36 routes  is function in the country. Goods from mobile booths available for 963 villages in 14 districts of the country.

In addition, trade network "Euroopt" provides an opportunity for many residents of villages and small towns of the country,  to make purchases by shipping them to the stores. Today 44 special free bus routes are function and provide this popular service the residents of more than 150 settlements in Belarus.

"The company is ready to continue to use every opportunity to make the benefits of network more accessible for Belarusian consumers - said the CEO of the trade network" Euroopt ".- It is our most important concern and the final goal of company development - to make available to every Belarusian customer quality and modern shopping service on European level.

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