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About the programme

What is “E-Plus” discount programme?
“E-Plus” discount programme is a unique chance to get discounts up to 5 % for the goods in “Evroopt” stores, which take part in the discount programme, as well as a chance to participate in additional special actions and offers.
How to use “E-Plus” discount card?
“E-Plus” discount card is easy to use – it takes only to show an activated discount card to a cashier during the goods scanning process at any moment before the receipt is closed. The programme makes an automatic recalculation of the sum taking into account your discount.
What discounts do the holders of “E-Plus” discount cards get?
1. Till the end of the month (in which a discount card was activated) you get a 1 % discount for the bought goods.
For example:
The card was activated on January 25.
The customer can get a 1 % discount for the bought goods using the discount card from January 25 till January 31.
2. During the following months of discount cards using the rate of discount depends on the total sum of all purchases in the previous month (see the table).


The total sum of purchases for the previous month, Belarusian rubles
The rate of a discount, %
Less than  1 000 000
1 000 100 – 2 000 000
2 000 100 – 4 000 000
4 000 100 – 6 000 000
More than  6 000 000

For example:
The total sum of purchases using the discount card for November made 1 700 000 rubles. If the customer continues to use the discount card in December, he will get a 2 % discount for the bought goods from December 1 till December 31.

It’s important to know!

1. TO FILL IN A FORM IS OBLIGATORY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DISCOUNT PROGRAMME! The company has a right to deny the activation or to annul an activated card if there are blank areas marked with a “*”, areas filled in an illegible handwriting or if the information in the form is untrue.

2. The holder of “E-Plus” discount card has a right to give it to other people if he wishes. The holder of such discount card is fully responsible for all consequences of this discount card transmission.

3. “Evotorg” reserves the right to change the rules of the discount programme without a preliminary notice of its participants. “Evrotorg” has also a right to cancel the loyalty programme. In both cases information about changes is placed at company’s site.